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International Transcript Evaluation

International Transcript Evaluation

If you are attempting to gain admission to graduate school or are embarking on your professional career, you can expect that prospective educational institutions or potential employers will closely scrutinize your academic history, including your course transcripts. If you are a foreign student attempting to attend school or land a job in the United States, you’ll likely need to take the additional step of verifying your academic credentials.

While this may seem difficult at first, the process is actually very easy, as long as you know whom to turn to for help. For decades, SpanTran has been assisting people just like you with their foreign transcript evaluation needs.

An Experienced Foreign Transcript Verification Service

Far from being a novice in the industry, SpanTran has provided a fast and reliable foreign transcript verification service since 1982. Over the course of three decades, SpanTran has developed a stellar reputation within the international transcript evaluation industry.

Our experienced and capable senior evaluators are often asked to present at conferences held by notable organizations such as the NAFSA, AACRAO and NAGAP. Our evaluators make use of our extensive research library and foreign credentials database to create informative and detailed reports for our client base.

SpanTran Never Uses a Generic Foreign Transcripts Evaluation Process

At SpanTran, we understand individuals who have studied in foreign countries can have a wide range of academic backgrounds. Rather than only offering one type of foreign transcript evaluation and hoping it works for all situations, we have six different evaluation types available, providing a more comprehensive menu selection.

While some of our evaluation types are more general in nature, we also offer more discipline-focused evaluations in engineering, nursing and teaching. We also have the additional capability of customizing our evaluations to meet the unique needs of our institutional clients, such as academic entities and professional licensing bodies.

Our Evaluations are Fast as Well as Thorough

For those who need an international transcript evaluation in a hurry, SpanTran offers a variety of completion times. Our standard time is 12-15 days, while many evaluation types can also be completed in two or five days for an additional fee. And speaking of fees, our transparent pricing is clearly outlined on our printed pricing schedule, and you never have to worry about hidden fees or add-on costs.

SpanTran Makes It Easy to Apply for a Foreign Transcripts Evaluation

The SpanTran application process is remarkably easy. Applicants who may not be comfortable completing the form in English can select the Spanish or French option instead. We also have downloadable help sheets in Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin.

The entire application can be completed in just 5-10 minutes and only requires the furnishing of some basic personal and academic information. A downloadable application is available online, and applicants can also complete the process at our Manhattan, NY, Houston, TX or Miami, FL locations.

A Highly Personalized Foreign Transcript Verification Service

Past experience and client feedback tells us that our clients are extremely satisfied with the high level of personalized service that SpanTran provides. In addition to the speed of our foreign transcript evaluation services, our clients also benefit by having access to our evaluators throughout the process.

You can easily reach us by telephone or by making an appointment to see us in person. If you prefer email as your contact method, you are always assured of receiving a rapid response.

Make SpanTran Your Choice for Fast and Reliable International Transcript Evaluation Services

Join the legions of foreign students who have made SpanTran their choice for fast and reliable international transcript evaluation services. SpanTran is the name you can trust for all your international transcript evaluation needs.