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The Importance of Verifying Foreign Medical Credentials

Think back to the last time you were treated by a primary care provider (a physician, nurse, dentist, etc.). Did they receive their medical training in the United States? Increasingly, they may not have. Medical professionals who immigrate to the … Continue reading

Frequent Issues in Foreign Degree Evaluations

Students from overseas who seek to continue their education in the United States face many obstacles.  Evaluating foreign credentials to assign equivalence with American coursework can be particularly problematic. The challenge in interpreting these wide-ranging credentials is the breadth of … Continue reading

Resources used by International Credential Evaluation Companies

A major component of what separates the wheat from the chaff in this industry is the library of resources used by the credential evaluator. Among the criteria for membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) is the … Continue reading

SpanTran Opens New Foreign Credential Verification Status Portal on its Website

Evaluations of foreign credentials such as foreign degrees may or may not be issued prior to the verification of the authenticity of the credentials that were evaluated. Some companies verify these credentials and others do not. One difficulty in verifying … Continue reading

WAEC vs. the SAT

The Western African Examinations Council convened for its 60th annual meeting this week, which has prompted me to say a few words about its function and its important role in academic credential evaluations.  The Council, known by most as WAEC … Continue reading