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Beginning School in January as an International Student

As the year quickly draws to a close, international students find themselves packing their bags, printing their boarding passes, and enjoying the last few weeks of vacation before officially beginning the spring semester in January. Instead of being admitted for … Continue reading

Adapting the United States Educational System Abroad

In recent decades, the growth of so-called “charter” and “magnet” schools in the United States has drawn exceptionally gifted students to their classrooms. Oftentimes these institutions have highly specialized curricula designed to graduate students with a high degree of technical … Continue reading

The Growth of International Students in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a history of prestigious academic institutions, some which rank among the best in Europe and the world. These include Oxford University, Cambridge University, University College London, and St. Andrew’s University – to name a few. Given … Continue reading

Thanksgiving for International Students

New international students living in the United States may not have had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving. In the U.S., Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is celebrated on the third Thursday of every November. The tradition started in Plymouth, … Continue reading

IIE’s Open Doors Report Highlights Rising Indian Student Enrollment

Released on November 16, the Institute for International Education released its annual Open Doors Report, reporting detailed statistics on international student enrollment in the United States. This year’s report was noteworthy in that the enrollment of international students numbered more … Continue reading