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Chinese Degree Evaluation Services

Perhaps you’re a Chinese citizen hoping to study in the United States. Maybe you already secured a degree and hope to work in the U.S. Chinese nationals successfully apply to college or secure jobs in the U.S. every year. To do so, however, they need to have their educational credentials and work experience evaluated to ensure they meet U.S. benchmarks.

Two Different Education Systems

China and the United States have very different education systems and comparing the two is not always straightforward. Even high school equivalencies need careful examination to ensure the two countries’ educational requirements match.

With 194,029 Chinese students studying in U.S. colleges in 2011, the differences between the two education systems is obviously not a deterrent to U.S. study. Chinese students are the largest foreign student population in U.S. higher education.

Higher Education Degrees

Degree equivalency becomes more complicated when Chinese-educated students apply for post-graduate study in America or when Chinese citizens apply for U.S. employment opportunities.

The Chinese education system includes a wide array of certifications or diplomas that can meet U.S. education requirements, including certificates of completion, certificates of specialization, college and university degrees, and graduation certifications. Determining which Chinese certification and degrees correspond to U.S. degree equivalency is a daunting task best left to credential evaluation services.

Evaluating Education Accomplishments

The average U.S. employer has little understanding of the Chinese education system. To give U.S. employers an accurate understanding of your skills and education, have your credentials evaluated and compared to the U.S. educational system. A third-party credential evaluation service will examine your degrees carefully, offering a fair summary of how your education matches up to American degrees.

Such evaluations are also important for students hoping to study in American academic institutions. Most U.S. colleges do not perform a foreign degree evaluation, instead asking students to provide equivalency reports from members of NACES, a trade association of reputable credential evaluation services. Whether your previous education is limited to a high school diploma, or if you’re applying for post-graduate study, a degree evaluation is necessary for admission to U.S. colleges.

Translating Degrees

It seems an obvious problem, but most Americans don’t speak or read Chinese. Arrange to have your diplomas or academic transcripts translated into English before submitting them to a credential evaluating service. Some evaluation services, such as SpanTran: The Evaluation Company, provide full service solutions, offering both document translation and evaluation. In any case, only send copies of documents — never send the originals. Securing a credential evaluation is a way to open doors for both education and employment opportunities.