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Choosing a Company for Academic Evaluations of Foreign Credentials

There are a good number of companies that offer evaluations of foreign academic credentials, such as evaluations of foreign degrees. What separates the best from the rest in this service?

Among the criteria that one should consider is whether the service provider is a member of NACES, the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. Companies that want to join NACES must meet very strict criteria and are required to certify their compliance with said criteria each year.

One of the things that separates the wheat from the chaff in this industry is verification of credentials. It is one thing to simply evaluate credentials; the most responsible companies in this industry actually go and check with the foreign institution to verify that the academic credentials submitted for evaluation are true. Occasionally, fraud is found and this information is shared among NACES members and of course with the institution to whom the fraudulent credential has been submitted.

Another plus is turnaround time and the type of service you get. Some companies take weeks or months to turn around a credential evaluation. Others might get them back to you in a few days. Of course, haste makes waste, so the speed of turnaround is only important with regard to the other quality factors being met.

Finally, there is the service component. Are prices transparent and easy to understand, or are you getting a base price for the evaluation that looks low, only to find that multiple surcharges exist that make the true price much higher? When you call the company, can you reach a human being on the phone or is voicemail the only option? Can you check online to see the status of a verification request, for example? Can you apply online or do you need to visit an office? Is the online interface available in Spanish or French?

SpanTran meets all of the above criteria. SpanTran is a member of NACES. It verifies academic credentials from foreign educational institutions. Its prices are very transparent. The company offers personalized service. You can apply online in English, French or Spanish or visit our offices in Houston, New York, or Miami. You can also check online to see the status of a verification request.

For credential evaluations of foreign credentials, SpanTran offers 30 years of consistent quality and trust of institutions of higher learning and professional licensing boards who rely on their academic evaluations.