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Choosing the Right Foreign High School Transcript Evaluation

The United States government does not oversee foreign student transcript evaluations, which comes as a surprise to many foreign students. Instead, transcripts are evaluated by private companies by in-house experts. Several types of foreign high school transcript evaluations exist. If you’re a foreign student applying to a U.S. college, choosing the incorrect evaluation option could deny you admittance to your chosen university.

Course Analysis

Course analysis evaluations are required for college admission or for students transferring to U.S. high schools. A course analysis evaluation compares each course you’ve taken to its U.S. equivalent, determining how many U.S. credits your coursework is worth. Course analysis also calculates what your grade point average would be if you’d completed U.S. courses.

Detailed course-by-course information helps a college admission department determine whether you met the institutions educational department. The information also helps students research a list of colleges or universities that match their education.

Avoid General Analysis Evaluations

Students sometimes make the mistake of applying for a general analysis evaluation. Unlike a course analysis, a general evaluation lists your education and training credentials to U.S. majors, diplomas and certificates. While useful for securing employment or providing immigration documentation, a general analysis does not provide the course-by-course evaluation needed for college applications.

Names and Transcripts

It’s quite common for international students to use more American-sounding names while in the States, to avoid problems with pronunciation. You may have married or divorced since graduating, changing your name in the process. If your current name differs from the name on your high school transcript, it’s extremely important to provide the evaluating service with both names.

Foreign Language Transcripts

High school transcripts from outside the United States are often in languages other than English. U.S. colleges only accept certified English translations of transcripts and transcript evaluations. Students can arrange for translations before applying for course evaluations. At SpanTran, we can arrange for certified document translation for an extra fee.

Timeliness is important when requesting a foreign high school transcript evaluation. Most services provide evaluations within 10 to 15 business days. If you need an evaluation as soon as possible, we provide 2-day and 5-day rush evaluations. Our evaluations are accurate and accepted by schools and colleges across the country.