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A Walk-Through of The Credentials Evaluation Process

Applying for credential and transcript evaluation isn’t a difficult process if properly prepare your documentation and allow sufficient turnaround time for evaluations. Every evaluation service has its own system, but the steps in the process are usually similar.

Choose Your Evaluation Type

First, you need to determine which type of evaluation service you need. Choosing the wrong type of analysis can adversely affect you chances of college admittance, employment or immigration approval. While most evaluations provide a course-by-course analysis of your transcripts and education, some only evaluate diplomas and certifications.

Document-by-document analysis may be all you need to apply for visas or employment, but educational institutions and licensing boards demand detailed course analysis. If you have any questions about the type of evaluation you need, call or email us.

Filling in Application Forms

Download the credential evaluation application form and fill it out completely. If your current name differs from your name on transcripts (due to marriage or other circumstances), let the evaluation service know to avoid mistakes.

Make copies of all transcripts, mark sheets, diplomas, certificates and professional licenses. Never send original copies to a credentials evaluation service; documents will not be returned. Documentation in a language other than English needs a certified translation. At SpanTran, we can include translation in your processing fees.

Either drop off the application, documents and fees at the evaluation service office or by email. At this point, your part of the process is over.

Verification and Evaluation

Before evaluation, your documents will be verified. This is a necessary part of the evaluation process to avoid fraud and ensure accurate results. The evaluation company contacts the degree or certificate-granting institution to confirm your documents are valid.

Once this is done the real work starts. Your credentials are measured against U.S. standards. Courses, grades and certifications are converted to U.S. equivalents. This information helps colleges, licensing boards and other organizations appraise you qualifications accurately.

Credential evaluation takes between 12 to 15 days, although rush evaluations are possible for close deadlines. American course equivalencies are accepted worldwide, so it’s in your best interest to have your qualifications reviewed by a reliable and reputable firm such as SpanTran.