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Do I Need a Verified Transcript for U.S. Study?

The international community includes many different education systems, each with their own requirements for awarding degrees, diplomas and certifications. This diversity presents some challenges when a student from one country wants to enroll in another nation’s academic institutions.

To ensure foreign students match the educational expectations and requirements of their country of study, it’s often necessary to have verified transcripts of previous studies or an evaluation of degree equivalency by an educational credential evaluation service. This is as true for U.S. study as anywhere else in the global community.

Why Are Verified Transcripts Useful?

Verified transcripts are official documents issued by an academic institution listing student degrees, courses and grades. Students who obtain verified transcripts have proof of their academic claims, which can mean the difference between acceptance or rejection by their desired college.

Simply obtaining a verified transcript may not be sufficient for application to a U.S. institution. If the transcript is not in English, you’ll need to provide a certified translation of the transcript.

Educational Evaluations

While verified transcripts prove you attended and received degrees from a particular institution, they don’t necessarily prove degree equivalency with U.S. educational requirements. To show equivalency, you usually need to secure an academic evaluation from a credential evaluation service, such as SpanTran: The Evaluation Company.

While the verified transcript proves you attended a particular institution, a credential evaluation compares your academic achievements to their U.S. equivalencies.

Credential evaluations have international importance. They allow college admission departments to accurately judge your readiness for their programs, and they also allow employers to quickly determine whether or not your education matches their employment requirements.

In the United States, credential evaluation is not the responsibility of a government agency or department. Instead, third-party credential evaluation services offer degree evaluations. If you require credential evaluation for college or employment, look for a company with membership in NACES, a U.S. trade association that requires high standards of service from its members. It would be ideal for a student to select a NACES company, such as SpanTran, that can provide verification, translation, and an educational evaluation.