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Do U.S. Colleges Evaluate Foreign High School Diplomas?

If you’re applying to a U.S. college and possess a high school diploma from your home country, you’ll probably need to have the diploma evaluated by a foreign credential evaluation service. The evaluation compares your diploma’s courses and credits to U.S. equivalencies, so college admission services can quickly compare your education to that of American high school graduates.

Why Don’t Colleges Do Their Own Evaluations?

A very small group of U.S. colleges will evaluate your high school diploma in-house, but the vast majority requires third-party evaluation. College administration departments process thousands of applications every year — some of the larger colleges and universities may process tens of thousands of applications.

Most of these applications, as you might expect, are submitted by U.S. residents with U.S. transcripts. The number of foreign students requesting admission is a smaller, but significant, number. The time required to evaluate a foreign diploma is significantly more intensive than that required to evaluate a U.S diploma. Most admission services focus on domestic admission evaluation and rely on third-party evaluators to determine if foreign student diplomas meet U.S. standards.

Specialized Knowledge

In addition to the added time commitment required by foreign diploma evaluation, there’s also the matter of qualifications. Comparing foreign diplomas to U.S. equivalencies requires in-depth knowledge of international educational standards. Relatively few individuals possess this knowledge. Most of those who do, in the United States at any rate, work for foreign credential evaluation services.

Advantages to a Diploma Evaluation

Securing a diploma evaluation prior to submitting applications to U.S. colleges speeds up the entire process. The admissions staff can see — at a glance — how your education meets the institution’s requirements. By including the evaluation with your application, you don’t have to endure any delays in your application process.

Choose a qualified evaluation service with a history of providing evaluations. The service should be a member of NACES, the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. U.S. academic institutions prefer to work with evaluations provided by NACES members.

Not all evaluation services translate foreign diplomas into English. If you come from a non-English speaking nation, choose a service that also offers translation services.  SpanTran is a NACES member that also offers translation. We have easy-to-use online applications available, as well!