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How an Academic Evaluation Can Open Doors for Employment Opportunities

With millions of people immigrating to the United States every year, employers are constantly bringing on new employees of various nationalities. For someone who has just arrived in the United States, joining the workforce can be a daunting task that is filled with many challenges. One of these challenges is providing a potential employer with academic information that they are able to understand. It is oftentimes essential for a potential employer to have a clear grasp of a candidate’s academic history in order to know if they are a good fit for the company. A way to provide a prospective employer with a review of one’s academic history is by obtaining a credential evaluation. Evaluating international degrees and transcripts in order to compare it to education in the United States allows prospective employers to fully comprehend many aspects of a person’s previous academic history.

SpanTran: The Evaluation Company works with many job seekers of various ages. We work directly with the applicant in order to ensure that their academic evaluation meets the needs of their prospective employer. Customer service representatives are available via email and telephone in order to assist applicant’s with the process and answer any questions an applicant might have.

Most employers want to see an academic equivalency report that demonstrates a candidate’s overall academic achievement in their former country of residency. SpanTran: The Evaluation Company frequently recommends the General Evaluation as the type of evaluation most suitable for job seekers. The General Evaluation report provides information about the applicant’s academic background as it would compare to the educational system in the United States. The General Evaluation allows employers to quickly see if the candidate has the appropriate level of education to meet the needs of their organization.

In some industries, a more detailed credential evaluation might be necessary. SpanTran: The Evaluation Company recommends job seekers always check with their prospective employer beforehand to see if a GPA needs to be provided on the evaluation report. If a GPA is required, we recommend a course-by-course evaluation, which provides a breakdown of all the coursework completed overseas, as well as the credit and grade conversion and overall GPA. The course analysis also allows employers to see the coursework that the applicant completed overseas in order to locate courses that might be applicable to their industry’s needs.

For job seekers of international backgrounds, SpanTran recommends translating academic documents if they are in a foreign language. Translating a document into English provides a great foundation for any job seeker and opens doors to employment opportunities by allowing prospective employers to better understand a candidate’s academic background. Similarly, it’s always beneficial to translate identification documentation such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. SpanTran provides affordable translations for all types of documentation.

How can a job seeker with international education be as prepared as possible for an exciting job search in the United States? By being prepared with translated documents and a foreign credentials evaluation! With a certified translation and academic evaluation, a job seeker can be ready to submit their resume and dive into the workforce.