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One of Many Reasons to Evaluate Your Foreign Degree

Students from abroad who aim to enroll at universities in the United States face many challenges. Some of these challenges stem from relocating to a new country; one of the necessary tasks that students most complete is the process of having their foreign credentials evaluated. The foreign degree evaluation can be completed by a credentials analyst within a particular university, but more commonly the university recommends that the student seek out an evaluation company. SpanTran: The Evaluation Company, a NACES-approved company that evaluates foreign degrees, is highly recommended by numerous universities and is a company that many students utilize to provide their equivalencies.

A recent trend in the United States has been a surge in universities that are equipped to handle students from within the U.S who have recently immigrated, but may not have been in the U.S long enough to establish citizenship. While many universities already have admissions requirements that specifically cater to students from overseas, an emerging trend is universities that have developed new programs to assist migrant workers and recent immigrants to the United States. Universities aiming to admit recent immigrants have been scattered throughout the country and have recently been seen increasingly number of states, which ultimately means creating a need for a thorough understanding of these recent immigrants’ academic backgrounds.

What does this mean for students from abroad? This means new opportunities to pursue various degree opportunities at an increasing number of universities in the United States. With more schools utilizing the federal programs that alleviate financial stress for international students, the more education possibilities flourish for recent immigrants within the United States. For many of these students who are now seeking admission to universities, this may also mean that an evaluation of their previous credentials from abroad is necessary. For example, if a migrant worker currently living in the United States completed secondary school (high school) overseas, it is likely that they will need an evaluation company to provide a foreign credential evaluation. The student would be able to use this credential evaluation when applying to their target university or college in the U.S, which would ultimately open more doors for educational possibilities for the student.

As universities continue to see more and more international students, SpanTran continues to provide academic equivalencies so educational prospects can be pursued. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, SpanTran is thrilled to assist the many international students who aim to enroll at universities or colleges in the United States. Whether the students be migrant workers in need of high school equivalencies or recent immigrants in need of a course analysis to demonstrate their GPA and transfer credit, our credentials analysts can provide students with precisely what they need for realizing their academic potential and seeking their new educational and career opportunities.