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Resources used by International Credential Evaluation Companies

A major component of what separates the wheat from the chaff in this industry is the library of resources used by the credential evaluator. Among the criteria for membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) is the maintenance of an extensive library of resources. These resources contain information about the educational systems of various countries, international degrees issued by foreign educational institutions, and the legitimacy of various educational institutions, so that the evaluator can determine degree equivalents of these international degrees in the United States. The various acronyms listed here refer to organizations that produce such materials, such as AACRAO, ECE and NAFSA.  A Google search will provide the full name of those organizations.

Following is an edited list of resources that are recommended by NACES:

Multi-country Resources:

International Handbook of Universities

Commonwealth Universities Yearbook

World of Learning

International Higher Education Database

Other Multi-country Resources

Country-specific Resources and Country Studies

ECE, NUFFIC and IERF publications

Other Country-Specific Resources

Other Publications

NAFSA publications

AACRAO publications:

International Education Series

Country Guide Series

International Education Series:  Full Country Studies

International Education Series:  Workshop Reports

International Education Series:  Special Reports

International Education Series:  Working Papers

PIER publications (Projects in International Education Research)

U.S. Office of Education Placement Guides

Universities Handbook, Association of Indian Universities

Country Education Profiles of the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition in association with

International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges.


Indexes, Bibliographies, Current Awareness Services, Databases excluding World Higher Education Database (listed above separately), and Newsletters such as those of ECE and World Education Series.