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SpanTran TEC Service Guidelines

SpanTran: The Evaluation Company evaluates academic documents from overseas, for the purpose of employment, immigration, academic admissions, professional licensing, teaching certification and more! SpanTran offers variety of evaluation types to fit our clients’ needs.

There are several steps in the evaluation process. Please see below for an overview of our services.

Step 1: Translations

Choose one of the following options:

  • If your academic documents are in English, please proceed to Step 2: Evaluations.
  • If you have a translation, please submit your documents in both English and your native language with your application. If your translation is missing information, a SpanTran TEC staff member will contact you. Please include the translator’s certification. Translations will only be accepted if it was translated by one of the following:
    • Your foreign school/university
    • Domestic or international government agency
    • A certified translator or translation agency, certified by the ATA® (American Translator Association).
  • If you need a translation, please include copies of your academic documents (i.e. transcripts, certificates, diplomas) with your application. When we receive your application and your documents, a SpanTran TEC representative will email you with a quote for translation.

Step 2: Evaluations

NOTE: SpanTran TEC always recommends asking your target institution about which type of evaluation they require for admission.

  • Primary/Middle/High School Admissions: If you need to show proof of a GPA, credits, or grades please select a course analysis. If not, just select a general evaluation which will give you a basic U.S. equivalency.
  • College Admissions: High school graduates may need a general evaluation, or a course analysis if a GPA is required for admissions. For university transfers, a course analysis will likely be needed to establish transfer credits. A verification of your university and/or college entrance exam results may be needed depending on your country of study, please refer to Step 3 for more details.
  • Graduate Admissions: Depending on the type of graduate program to which you are applying, you may need a course analysis or a divisional course analysis. The divisional course analysis builds on top of the course analysis and will list whether your prior coursework was lower level, upper level, or graduate level. As with other services, please submit all post-secondary diplomas / transcripts for evaluation.
  • Nursing Licensing Course Analysis: For nurses applying for state licensure, please include all post-secondary degrees and transcripts. The nursing course analysis will include clinical hours, GPA, courses and grades.
  • Teacher Certification Course Analysis: For teachers applying for a teaching certificate, please include all post-secondary degrees and transcripts. The teaching course analysis will group courses by subjects for a more detailed report.
  • Engineering Course Analysis: For engineers applying for state licensure, please include all post-secondary degrees and transcripts. The engineering course analysis will be reviewed by an experienced professional engineer for quality assurance.

Step 3: Verifications

  • Primary / Middle / High School / College Freshmen Admissions: Students with secondary documents from overseas are generally not required to verify their documents. However, due to industry standards, SpanTran TEC does require verification of high school documents from several countries (Nigeria, Haiti, and Vietnam). For more information, please contact us at If your documents require verification, a SpanTran TEC representative will inform you.

University transfers / graduate admissions / other specialized evaluations: All students with non-US post-secondary documents need to verify their documents. The verification service is required to demonstrate the authenticity of the academic information. Applicants have two options: pay for SpanTran TEC to verify the documents, or arrange for officials (sealed) documents to be sent from your overseas institution. Once you apply for services, instructions will be provided to you by a SpanTran TEC representative. NOTE: if you pay for our verification service, SpanTran TEC’s verification specialist will perform the verification on your behalf.

If you have specific questions please email us at or give us a call. Our office telephone numbers are available at