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Top 5 U.S. Schools Popular with Foreign Students

While international students come to the U.S. to study and experience American culture, they also need the support and friendship of other foreign students. Almost all U.S. national universities have a thriving international student community, but some have larger international communities than others. Here are the five national U.S. schools with the highest percentage of foreign students, along with a little information about each institution.

The New School (New York, New York)

With 7,080 undergraduates, The New School is a fairly large urban university and has the largest student body in this list. At least 27 percent of New School undergrads are international students, giving the school the highest foreign-to-native-born ratio in the nation. New School is ranked 125 in the Best Colleges’ National Universities listings and has a strong visual and Performing Arts program.

Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Florida)

Next on the list is the Florida Institute of Technology, where 26 percent of the schools undergraduate population is international students. Ranked 160 among national universities by Best Colleges, the Florida Institute of Technology began life as a training ground for the space industry, and it continues to provide respected science and engineering programs.

Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, Illinois)

The Illinois Institute of Technology has an undergrad population of 2,714 — 21 percent of whom are international students. Ranked 113 among U.S. national universities, the Chicago school is well-known for its engineering programs, including biomedical imaging programs, telecommunications and software engineering.

Lynn University (Boca Raton, Florida)

Up to 18 percent of Lynn University’s 1,619 undergrads are international students. The university has strong business, marketing and management programs, and it is ranked at tier 2 by Best Colleges.

University of Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Like Lynn University, 18 percent of University of Tulsa undergrads are foreign students. With a student body of 3,000 students, Tulsa boasts one of the country’s most advanced petroleum engineering programs, complete with its own drill rig simulator. The university ranks 83 in Best Colleges’ national university rankings.

Getting Admitted

Diverse though these five colleges are, they all require credential evaluations for foreign students. If you’re considering applying to any U.S. university, your transcripts, diplomas and courses need verifying and converting to U.S. equivalencies by a trusted credential evaluation service. At SpanTran, we provide accurate and timely course analysis trusted by students and colleges alike.