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What is NACES?

NACES is the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. NACES is an association of independent, nongovernmental organizations providing credential evaluation services to individuals who have completed part or all of their education outside the United States. The evaluations may be used for immigration or employment purposes, as part of professional licensing, or to gain admission to secondary or higher education programs.

If your degree(s) are from abroad, many institutions of higher education and some employers will request an evaluation prepared by a NACES member evaluation agency as part of its application process. Affiliation with a selective association such as NACES is an important indication of the quality of work accomplished by the credential evaluation service, and an assurance that the evaluation reports it prepares will be reliable. SpanTran: The Evaluation Company has been a NACES member since 1996.

Check with your prospective employer, licensing board, or the school where you are submitting an application to see if an evaluation report issued by a NACES member organization is required and accepted. Then, submit your academic diplomas, certificates, and transcripts for a credential evaluation at to find out your academic equivalency.