Frequently Asked Questions

SpanTran Equivalency Evaluation

How long has SpanTran: The Evaluation Company been in business?
SpanTran: The Evaluation Company has been providing evaluations since 1982.

Is SpanTran a member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services)?
Yes! SpanTran has been a member of NACES since 1996.

I have a question about an evaluation completed by SpanTran. What is the best way to contact you?
Institutional clients are usually given a direct line to our evaluators that is not published to the general public. If you are not an institutional client you can call our main line at 713-266-8805. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to and someone will answer your questions as soon as possible (usually within an hour).

What is an institutional client? What are the advantages of becoming an institutional client?
Institutional clients work hand-in-hand with our evaluation team to streamline their own processes. This allows for faster processing and a greater understanding of the evaluation process. We work with our institutional clients to provide evaluations and processing specifically tailored to their needs. Institutional clients are organized so that either the institution sends applications directly to SpanTran or individual applicants submit a customized institution-specific application to SpanTran. Depending on the nature of the service requested institutions are often given preferred pricing. If you are interested in becoming an institutional client or would like more information please call 713-266-1322 or e-mail

How will my students know what service to select?
You can read a description of services here and let your students know what evaluation is generally needed for your institution, or your students can refer to the chart in the student Help and Information section.

I have several foreign applicants applying to our undergraduate program. Can SpanTran provide a course analysis for secondary credentials?
Yes! SpanTran provides course analysis of secondary credentials with US style secondary credits and GPA. Applicants should select regular ‘Course Analysis’ service.

Does SpanTran require that documentation be sent directly from foreign institutions? Are copies of documents accepted?
Students applying directly to SpanTran are given a choice between paying for verification services or having their documents sent directly from issuing institutions. Paying for verification services generally speeds up the evaluation process. If you are an institutional client, SpanTran will work within your own policies and procedures.

Many of our Graduate applicants have presented evaluations from other companies that seem to combine various programs to arrive at a Bachelor’s equivalency. What is SpanTran’s policy with regards to combining credentials in this matter?
SpanTran generally will not combine unrelated or lesser credentials to equate to one single higher degree equivalency. Our evaluators are quite knowledgeable about educational progression in foreign systems of education and how it compares to degree laddering in the United States. In cases where one degree is required for admission to another, SpanTran will provide one overall equivalency with a detailed explanation of the foreign educational progression and its compliance with educational system standards in the United States.

For further reading on our evaluations and services, visit our informational articles page, written specially for students and graduates.