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Foreign Academic Credentials Evaluation Service

Foreign Academic Credentials Evaluation Service

Whether you are a student or graduate who needs foreign credentials evaluated for educational or professional purposes, or an academic institution or professional certification board in need of a reliable foreign credentials evaluation for an incoming student or prospective member, SpanTran: The Evaluation Company is the only credential verification resource you will ever need.

Since 1982, students and graduates from outside the United States have turned to SpanTran: The Evaluation Company to provide them with reliable foreign academic credentials evaluation services that can open the door to a brighter future.

SpanTran Gives You More Than Cursory Foreign Credential Evaluations

Some foreign evaluation services simply provide a “bare bones” evaluation of your academic performance that means little to prospective employers and educational institutions. At SpanTran we take things a step further by taking the time to actually verify your credentials with the foreign institution, removing all doubt as to their accuracy and legitimacy. Our extensive knowledge of foreign educational systems is necessary to provide the level of detail for a thorough and accurate assessment. SpanTran has developed a solid reputation over the last 30 years as a foreign academic credentials evaluation service that both students and our institutional clients can trust.

NACES Membership Enhances the “Trust Factor” for Our Foreign Credential Evaluation Service

Another reason SpanTran has become such a trusted source for a foreign credential evaluation is our membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. NACES was formed in 1987 by a group of foreign academic credentials verification services that were seeking to establish benchmark standards for excellence and ethics within the industry.

Today, many professional organizations and academic institutions will only accept evaluations performed by NACES members. Using a NACES-member company also provides additional protection against fraudulent credential evaluations.

Benefits for Educators and Professional Certification Boards

For educators and professional certification boards, SpanTran offers a unique advantage over other foreign credential services. Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, SpanTran has the ability to customize our evaluations to meet the specific needs of a particular academic institution or certification board. Each of our institutional clients has direct telephone access to the evaluator working on their case to provide any necessary input or give feedback during the process.

High Quality with an Important Component: Speed

Of course, having access to high-quality foreign credential evaluations is useless unless you can get them when you need them. With SpanTran, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: quality and speed.

Our standard completion time is only 12-15 days, and many of our evaluation types are also available with five and even two-day windows if needed. Students and graduates will never face the nightmare of being denied admission or a job offer because they couldn’t verify their academic credentials in a timely manner.

Foreign Evaluation Services without a Lengthy Application Process

A key reason why SpanTran is able to deliver quality foreign credential evaluation services so quickly is our streamlined application process. You don’t have to provide your entire life history; instead, you just need to furnish some basic information about yourself and your academic background.

The entire process takes 10 minutes or less, and language options include English, French and Spanish. Additionally, help sheets are available in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese. Our downloadable online application form allows you to complete it in the comfort of your home, office or educational institution.

In the foreign credentials industry, quality and attention to detail is paramount. SpanTran offers comprehensive reports for six different evaluations of benchmark professional and/or educational foreign credentials. You can select to receive a highly detailed General, Course, or Divisional Analysis, or a more specialized Teacher’s, Engineering, or Nursing Course Analysis. Click here for a detailed description of our evaluations.

Transparent Pricing and Personalized Service

Our clients appreciate our transparent pricing policy because there are no hidden “extras” or unexplained fees. In many instances, you can customize the price you pay based on the type of evaluation and delivery time frame you select. Our simplified pricing schedule clearly shows the price of each of our six analysis types, based on how quickly the evaluation is needed.

We can also provide a quote for a certified translation of academic documents if necessary. Payment can be made in person via cash, and we also accept checks, money orders and credit cards through our secure online system. Our commitment to providing a high level of personalized service makes the entire SpanTran foreign credential evaluation service experience as “user-friendly” as possible.

Contact SpanTran to Learn More about Our Foreign Credential Evaluation Services

If you would like to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us by email or telephone. You can also make an appointment to visit us at one of our convenient U.S. locations: we have an office in Houston, TX, New York, NY and Miami, FL.. Trust SpanTran for all your foreign credential evaluation needs.