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Foreign Education Evaluation

Foreign Education Evaluation

At SpanTran: The Evaluation Company, our mission is to provide our clients with an accurate and thorough foreign education evaluation in the time frame that meets their specific needs. We also strive to deliver a level of personalized service that the entire user experience as enjoyable possible.

We believe that these are the primary reasons why, since our inception in 1982, SpanTran has developed a reputation as a leader within the foreign educational credentials evaluation industry.

Our Highly Detailed Reports are a Hallmark of Our Foreign Academic Credential Service

Professional licensing organizations and academic institutions all across the United States turn to us for a foreign education evaluation that features highly detailed reports. We paint a true picture of previous academic performance.

Our institutional clients also appreciate their ability to provide input into how we conduct our evaluations, giving them access to fully customized reports that meet their specific needs. We’ll work with you to ensure you receive all the data you need to make the best decision.

They also realize that SpanTran’s membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) means they are receiving an evaluation that meets the industry gold standard for excellence.

Students and Graduates Appreciate the Speed of Our Foreign Academic Credential Services

If you are a foreign student or graduate hoping to gain entrance in a U.S. academic institution, enlist in military service, land a job, or attain certification from a professional licensing body, speed is likely to be foremost in your mind.

You may need a foreign educational credentials evaluation performed in a matter of days so you can move on to the next phase of your life. The standard SpanTran completion time is only 12-15 days, with many evaluation types featuring two and five-day delivery options. You can check the status of your evaluation online throughout the process, so you’ll always know exactly where you stand. Our NACES membership also means there is less likely to be a costly delay due to an institution questioning the validity of the evaluation.

A User-Friendly Foreign Education Evaluation Application Process

If you are a U.S. immigrant, you’ve probably become frustrated with the volume of “red tape” that is often an unfortunate part of life in this country. SpanTran has designed our application process to be as simple as possible.

Just complete the foreign education evaluation application in your language of choice (options include French, Spanish and English) and fill in the required information. The entire process takes 10 minutes or less! You can also make an appointment to visit us at either our Manhattan, NY Houston , TX, or Miami, FL location to complete the application in person if you prefer.

A Foreign Academic Credential Service with Transparent Pricing

SpanTran also understands that cost is an important consideration, particularly for students and graduates living on a small budget. With SpanTran, when it comes to pricing, what you see is what you get. Our printed price schedule clearly details what each of our services will cost, and there are never any extra fees or hidden charges. You can also choose the delivery option that fits your timetable and pocketbook.

Have Questions about Our Foreign Academic Credential Services?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our assortment of foreign academic credential services. You can contact us at your convenience via telephone or email, or get a more “up close and personal” experience by scheduling an in-person appointment.

Discover why SpanTran, for over the course of three decades, has been the foreign academic credential service that foreign students and U.S. institutions have come to trust.