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International Credential Evaluation Service

International Credential Evaluation Service

SpanTran: The Evaluation Company understands the difficulties many foreign students and graduates face upon entering the United States. Our mission is to make things a bit easier by providing international credential evaluation services that are fast and reliable while avoiding the bureaucratic hurdles that are an unfortunate way of life for many immigrants. As a result, our clients have the ability to continue their educational or professional pursuits in the U.S. without unnecessary delays or unwanted aggravation.

What Is an International Credential Evaluation Service?

Simply put, an international credentials evaluation service is a process in which we examine your foreign academic transcripts and documents to verify their accuracy and legitimacy. Evaluations also provide a comparison of coursework performed in a foreign country with courses offered in the United States.

Organizations such as the military, academic institutions, professional licensing bodies and various employers rely on an international credential verification service to help them make informed decisions regarding admissions, employment offers and the granting of licenses. For foreign students and graduates, timely and accurate international credentials evaluation is essential for moving on to bigger and better things in life.

The Value of the SpanTran International Credential Evaluation Service

SpanTran has been providing international credential verification services since 1982. During our 30 years in business, we have developed a reputation for delivering highly detailed evaluations, earning industry-wide respect in the process.

SpanTran is also a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES), a professional organization that serves as the gold standard for quality and ethical standards in the industry. NACES membership is so highly regarded that many organizations will not accept evaluations performed by non-NACES members.

There’s No Cumbersome Application Process with SpanTran

People who immigrate to the United States on a permanent basis or even those who come to study for a few years before returning home often are required to fill out a seemingly endless array of paperwork.

With SpanTran, our international credential evaluation service application process consists of filling out a short online form that requires only 5-10 minutes. Applicants have the option to complete the form in English, French or Spanish. Help sheets are also available in Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.

International Credential Evaluation with Personalized Service

SpanTran: The Evaluation Company takes personalized service very seriously. Our clients continuously boast of the high level of personalized service we strive to deliver.

For instance, our institutional clients (consisting of organizations such as academic institutions and professional licensing bodies) greatly appreciate our ability to customize our evaluations to meet the unique requirements of their operation. Our student and graduate clientele also benefit from being able to reach a live person with a question or concern.

An International Credential Verification Service with No Pricing Surprises

In a time where many companies camouflage the total cost of their services by incorporating hidden fees and tack-on costs into their pricing structure, SpanTran is proud to do things a bit differently.

Our clients can calculate their total costs even before they submit their application. Our printed pricing schedule clearly indicates the cost of each service, and there are never any unexpected increases. Clients can typically receive their evaluations as quickly as they need them. Generally, the longer the required turnaround time, the lower the cost will be. Turnaround times range from the standard 12-15 days to five and even two-day delivery.

Three Convenient Locations for Our International Credential Verification Service

SpanTran has three convenient U.S. locations: Houston, TX, New York, NY and Miami, FL. Feel free to schedule an in-person appointment or contact us via telephone or email. SpanTran is the international credential verification service that people have trusted for three decades.