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International Degree Evaluation

International Degree Evaluation

International degrees can help immigrants improve their standing in the United States by assisting them in gaining admission to their educational institution of choice or find meaningful employment. However, evaluating degree credentials is not always a simple task.

If you are from a foreign country and need fast and efficient degree evaluation to move on to the next phase of life, you need SpanTran: The Evaluation Company. For decades, SpanTran has been helping people like you by providing dependable degree evaluation services.

Performing Highly Respected Degree Evaluations Since 1982

SpanTran has been providing a host of highly respected international degree evaluation services since 1982. Our accomplished analysts are so highly regarded that they are often asked to present at meetings and conferences held by prestigious academic and professional organizations.

Our team also have access to an extensive research library and credentials database to provide the most accurate foreign degree equivalent assessments possible, in the form of extremely detailed reports. Their commitment to giving our clients a high level of personalized service ensures you will receive the evaluations you need, when you need them.

Choose the Turnaround Time Based on Your Timetable

And speaking of “when they need them,” SpanTran offers a choice of flexible completion schedules to suit virtually any time frame. While our standard turnaround time is 12-15 days, many of our program evaluation degree services are also available with only a two or five-day window.

This can provide you with the competitive advantage you need to land a job or secure academic admission. You also have a choice of delivery options to fit your budget and time constraints.

Our NACES Membership Ensures Top-Quality Degree Evaluation Services

How can you be sure that SpanTran is an international degree evaluation service you can trust? You can trust SpanTran because we are a proud member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

The NACES is widely recognized as the gold standard of quality and ethical behavior in the degree credentials evaluation industry. In fact, NACES membership is so valued that many organizations will not accept any degree evaluation from a non-NACES member.

When you select SpanTran, you know your enlisting the services of a company committed to meeting the most stringent industry standards.

Why NACES-Accredited Degree Evaluation Services Matters

NACES membership is awarded only to organizations that have met the highest standards in international degree evaluation services. For our clients, this means they can count on a level of professionalism that puts their needs first and expedites the evaluation process. If you’re a foreign student or a recent graduate, any delays in getting your credentials in order can have a serious impact on your academic and financial future. As a NACES member, SpanTran has achieved nationally-recognized certification that is accepted and trusted by organizations throughout the United States.

Since 1996, SpanTran has been a proud NACES member, one of only 21 companies guaranteed to adhere to the organization’s highest professional and ethical standards. Requirements for NACES membership include maintaining a current library of reference materials relevant to international credential evaluation, passing an on-site visit and undergoing yearly recertification audits. All association members must also have a senior evaluation staff composed of professionals with no less that five years’ full-time experience at an accredited academic facility or other NACES organization.

What NACES Certification Means for You

When it comes to your career and your academic future, NACES represents the gold standard in international degree evaluations. You can count on our team for fast, accurate evaluations of education credentials from around the world. Whether you’re coming to America for further study or to pursue other professional opportunities, we offer several different evaluation options that identify the baseline credentials of your home country and determine their closest equivalency in the US.

We also offer specialized evaluations for nursing, engineering and teaching students. As a NACES member, our services are the nearest thing to an accepted industry-wide standard available. This means your evaluated degree will be recognized at more institutions and by more potential employers..

If you’re coming to America, whether to stay for good or to pursue a specific opportunity, SpanTran will give you total peace of mind. You’ll know the hard work, time and money you’ve invested in your education will still be useful here.

A Fast, Trouble-free Application Process

You might be under the impression that the process for an international degree evaluation must be cumbersome and time-consuming. If so, you’ll be happy to know that with SpanTran, you don’t have to worry about wasting precious time and having to jump through a series of hoops.

You can apply quickly and easily by using our online application process. Simply choose the French, English or Spanish language option, then furnish basic information about yourself and your foreign educational background. The entire process only takes 5-10 minutes! We also have foreign language help sheets available in Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic if needed.

Foreign Degree Equivalent Assessment Programs

SpanTran offers six different foreign degree equivalent assessment programs for students or job-seekers coming to America:

  • General evaluation — Our general evaluation service provides a simple equivalency assessment of a foreign degree, certificate or other credentials. It does not contain information about individual courses or grading metrics. Our general foreign degree equivalent assessment program is useful for anyone seeking employment, enrolling in the military or applying for a merit-based visa.
  • Course evaluation — Our course analysis service goes into more detail about your transcript, listing the classes you took and grades you achieved, and providing a US equivalent. Course analysis can be done at the high school or college level. It’s useful for international students transferring to an American institution, or for foreign high school graduates seeking admission to an American college.
  • Divisional course evaluation — The divisional course analysis foreign degree equivalent assessment program is specific to post-secondary education and provides, in addition to the services offered by our course analysis program, upper and lower class divisions and graduate-level designations. It is useful for transfer within a university program, admission to graduate studies or for certain kinds of professional accreditation.
  • Nursing course evaluation — Nursing course analysis is the first of our three vocation-specific foreign degree equivalent assessment programs. It provides course analysis and upper and lower class divisions, as well as the details of any internships or other previous clinical experience.
  • Engineering course evaluation — Our engineering course evaluation services prepare foreign-trained professionals for certification by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Evaluation includes course analysis and grouping by subject. All evaluations are reviewed by a university-level engineering professional who provides a signed letter vouching for the report’s findings.
  • Teaching course evaluation — Teaching course analysis is useful for anyone seeking accreditation by a local elementary or high school board. It includes a detailed analysis of foreign coursework and graduate level designations, as well as subject groupings by category.

Standard delivery time for our foreign degree equivalent assessment programs is between 12 and 15 days. Rush service is also available. Contact us by email or in person for more information about five and two day turnarounds.

We’ll Help You with the Analysis Selection Process

With six different types of degree evaluations to choose from, we understand that it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. To assist you in your selection process, we’ve created an easy-to-use chart to help you better categorize your academic accomplishments. Of course, you can always contact us via phone, email or come to one of our offices for an in-person visit for further assistance.

Contact Us at One of Our Convenient U.S.-based Locations

SpanTran operations are completely based in the United States, with convenient locations in New York, NY, Houston, TX and Miami, FL.

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