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International Nursing Credential Evaluations for Board Certification

An international nursing degree can be accepted in the United States by following a series of steps:  having the academic credentials translated, evaluated and verified to ensure U.S. equivalency and authenticity, and then researching additional requirements with the target state’s … Continue reading

SpanTran Opens New Miami Intake Office

SpanTran is celebrating the new opening of our Miami Intake Office, which assists students, job-seekers, and immigrants with their foreign academic credential evaluations, translation, and verification needs! After over 30 years of being a key player in the foreign credentials … Continue reading

Applying to a College or University in the United States?

Here are 15 Steps to Note: Traveling to another country may initially seem like a challenge, especially if you have never left the comforts of home before. Now imagine leaving your homeland to a new, exciting country where your future … Continue reading

Which Nations Send the Most International Students to the United States?

A Look at India and China The United States has historically attracted thousands of international students to its prestigious universities. Now, with the rise of social media and the increasing interconnectivity between countries’ academic institutions, the numbers of foreign student … Continue reading

Top Study Abroad Destinations for US Students

Nearly every American high school or collegiate institution has a study abroad / exchange program to facilitate student exchange between the United States and other countries. Designed to give students not just exposure to a new language but also access … Continue reading