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IIE’s Open Doors Report Highlights Rising Indian Student Enrollment

Released on November 16, the Institute for International Education released its annual Open Doors Report, reporting detailed statistics on international student enrollment in the United States. This year’s report was noteworthy in that the enrollment of international students numbered more … Continue reading

International Education Week Begins November 16

During the week of November 16 – 20, universities across the United States will organize events to celebrate International Education Week. This weekly event was put in place by the Bill Clinton administration to foster exchange and collaboration between American … Continue reading

SpanTran TEC Service Guidelines

SpanTran: The Evaluation Company evaluates academic documents from overseas, for the purpose of employment, immigration, academic admissions, professional licensing, teaching certification and more! SpanTran offers variety of evaluation types to fit our clients’ needs. There are several steps in the … Continue reading

Inside The Institute for International Education’s Historic Delegation to Cuba

Last week representatives from 12 United States universities concluded a historic visit to Cuba to understand the current higher education panorama of the Caribbean island nation. Given the recent re-establishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba, the … Continue reading

Change in South Pacific Secondary Examinations

The Secretariat of the Pacific Board of Educational Assessment is a pan-national authority based in Suva, Fiji, that recognizes qualifications and provides quality assurance of education in its participating countries, which include Tonga, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands. It also … Continue reading