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International High School Evaluation Services

School Evaluation Services

According to the Institute of International Education, 723,277 foreign students enrolled in United States colleges and universities in 2010, with the number of Chinese and Saudi Arabian students continuing to grow at an especially rapid rate. A key component to foreign students from virtually any nation gaining admission to U.S. academic institutions is the ability to furnish an acceptable international high school diploma.

For 30 years, SpanTran: The Evaluation Company has provided international school evaluation services that American colleges and universities have come to rely on as an essential part of their admissions process.

Performing Accurate Evaluations of International High School Diploma Credentials

Comparing foreign academic credentials to equivalent U.S. coursework is sometimes akin to comparing apples and oranges. SpanTran possesses the expertise to perform the task quickly and accurately.

Our evaluators have access to an extensive research library and current foreign credentials database that greatly simplifies the international high school diploma evaluation process. Our most senior evaluators are so widely respected throughout the foreign high school transcript evaluation industry that they are frequently asked to present at gatherings of notable professional organizations such as NAFSA, AACRAO and NAGAP. We are also members of the prestigious National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, the gold standard for excellence in our industry.

Easy Application Process for Our School Evaluation Services

Young recipients of an international high school diploma who are coming to the United States for the first time have enough on their plates. Adapting to a new culture and the rigors of college life can be an especially daunting challenge. That’s why SpanTran makes the application process for our foreign high school diploma evaluation as easy and painless as possible.

Simply fill out the easy-to-use online application form, which takes only 5-10 minutes. Language options include English, Spanish and French. To accommodate the ever-growing number of Chinese, Arabic and Vietnamese-speaking students in the U.S., help sheets are available in these languages as well.

SpanTran Means ‘Speed’ in Any Language

Regardless of the country from which you received an international high school diploma, you can count on SpanTran for a credentials evaluation that is not only comprehensive and detailed, but also delivered to you quickly.

Our standard turnaround time is 12-15 days, although five and even two-day service is also available for many evaluation types. For students facing tight application deadlines, fast service can mean the difference between timely acceptance into your educational institution of choice or possibly having to postpone your academic career.

School Evaluation Services with No Hidden Costs

Even if academic scholarships are covering much of your educational costs, living in the United States can be expensive. With SpanTran, our transparent pricing policy allows our applicants to determine exactly how much our affordable school evaluation services will cost before making a financial commitment. All of our prices our clearly indicated on a per-service basis on our printed pricing schedule. There are never any hidden fees or extras added after the fact.

We Deliver Highly Personalized Service

While we strive to make the international high school diploma evaluation process as simple as possible, we understand that questions and concerns may arise. You can take comfort in knowing that SpanTran evaluators are easily accessible via telephone or email to provide the assistance you need.

Contact SpanTran to Learn More

To learn more about our school evaluation services, contact us at either of our convenient Manhattan, NY, Houston, TX, or Miami, FL locations. You can also arrange for an in-person visit if you prefer. Let SpanTran provide the international high school diploma evaluation assistance you need to pursue your studies in the U.S.A. and create a brighter future.